Set Default Metric in Analysis Workspace

mikem2436009 25-09-2018

Anytime a new report is created, the default metric "Occurrences" loads.  Is there a way to set a default metric based on the report/dimension level?

Many of my users use the activity map reporting in Analysis Workspace.  They would like the default metric to be "Activity Map Instances".  Is this possible?

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just an idea: if you have such an use case with activity map data I suggest creating a "custom template" or a "component project" (where you save different tables to use in other projects). I think this saves more time than having another default metric.

however, I support the idea since a almost never use the metric "occurencies". there are only a few use cases which are already done by specific workspace projects.


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Stef-IONOS 25-02-2020

we need Visits as Default metric