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Selective Dashboard Sharing


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As I have some dashboards I'd only like to share with certain users, it would be great if I could share such dashboard selectively (rather than the share with everyone or not at all limitation currently in place).


Reason being, although such dashboard reports are setup as scheduled reports (usually weekly), I would like for (selective) users to also have access to them directly within SiteCatalyst - which is not possible unless shared with anyone.


In the past I have copied dashboards and temporarily shared them in order to transfer them to individual users to avoid sharing with everyone, but the problem is that multiple instances of the dashboard then have to be maintained if/when updates are made.


Generally it's not problematic to share most dashboards with all users, but it would be great to keep the shared dashboard list minimal and relevant on an individual per user basis.


Thanks for your consideration - and in case this functionality exists and I'm just not aware of, please let me know (I'm a v15 user).