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Segmenting with list evar occurrences


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My use case:

  • I need to segment and select values for only some of our internal marketing ID's (let's say my "wanted" list involves ID's "A", "B" and "C" and my filter is therefore: "equals any of A, B, C").
  • The filter however will also include ID's that are not in my wanted list (for example "D"), meaning in a built view in my workspace I will see values for A, B, C and D.
  • Cause: This happens because in our implementation, for some cases the same hit triggers several ID's together (in business terms - we are showing several marketing objects simultaneously). For example one hit would have the ID "A" and simultaneously also "D". (I.e. a list evar then has both values)
  • Result: This means my segment returns ID's and values for both, "A, D" and any table I build in an Analytics workspace will have the unwanted values appear as well. Alternatively phrased - a list evar can not be segmented in such a way.
  • Note. There is a solution - I can manually filter them out, but this is manual work and if any of our stakeholder tries to replicate, this creates confusion and questions.
  • Want. I want to be able to build a segment that would understand list variables and not include values that are not in my "wanted" list.


Why is this feature important to you

Try explaining to a non-analyst Adobe Analytics user, why a custom built segment is not segmenting and values are being shown that should be excluded. Indeed, there is a manual approach, but it has it's own downsides. 

In the examples that I provide, to illustrate the point, I am using one request examples and as such might not make sense in aggregated perspective. So keep in mind that a large site with a lot of different marketing placements appearing in many different combinations (A with B, A with C, C with X) and thus when you only want data for a particular ID, the current solution will create a lot of data noise. 


How would you like the feature to work

On example of a single request. When I build a segment that checks against a list evar in a single occurrence, and the list evar contains ID's "A", "X" and "Z", and I want to return only values (let's say we talk view counts) for "A" in my table/view -  the segment should be able to understand the list variable and selectively return values (view counts) for "A" only and not include values for "X" and whatever else. TLDR: Built segments should understand the elements on the list evar and return wanted values only.


Current Behaviour

Any segment built to filter list variables, doesn't understand to return values only for the elements in built segments. 

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This sounds like a similar problem to the s.products segmentation issue.. each product is treated as a separate item.. but whether you use equals or contains in a segment, all products from the same hit are returned.


This has been a complaint of many people for years... I generally just create all the segments involving products so that I can do more complex logic.. but the problem is an exclude rule will also exclude real data... so I often have to combine with filters in the table...