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Segment Management in SiteCatalyst 15


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When I moved to SiteCatalyst 15, the list of segments available in the drop down was cluttered with segments created by several users in the Data Warehouse and Discover.  Many of these are variations on best practices with the same names as the Global segments.  Is it possible to make the segment appear only to those who created them unless they share them or users proactively add it to their list as dashboard and bookmarks are currently managed?


Is it possible to have a manager similar to the Customize Menus interface to group and toggle visibility for some users/groups?  Toggling visibility by group would be handy in Customize Menus too.


Overall SiteCatalyst v15 is amazing.  Adobe Omniture has definitely taken it to the next level.  Bravo!



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Just got off the horn with ClientCare - they confirmed that, in SC15, if I want to edit or kill a segment I've created, I need to do it via Data Warehouse. Pretty clumsy... flash forward six months to a segment list crammed full of ad hoc segments that no one has used since.


Would love to see a way to edit existing segments, and kill segments altogether within the SC15 interface.


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It would be great if clients of SiteCatalyst 15 had the option to, at the very least hide, if not remove or delete completely, the pre-built segments from Omniture in the SC15 segment picker dropdown.


I'm specifically referring to "Suite Segments" and "Pre-configured" segment groups. Many of them are not applicable to my business (i.e. purchasers) and some of them would confuse my end-users (i.e. you guys showing "Visits from Paid Search" whereas I have a custom segment with different logic to do the same thing, in the context of our business.)


As a paying customer we should have the ability to show or hide whatever we want in that list!






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It would be great if we could be able to edit and delete segments from the SiteCatalyst 15 segment builder. It would save a lot of time if we did not have to go to data warehouse to do this.


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We need to restrict the segmentation to a specific user group. But for the moment this functionality is not available.


I will try to explain it a little bit

We have a Main Site AAA.com and we have Satellite Site like BBB.com. On the page from BBB.com we don’t sell directly the products, but we refer to AAA.com where the product can be sold online.

In the past I have create a ASI Slot where all Traffic from BBB.com on the AAA.com will be show and add this ASI Slot to the user group “BBB-User”.

Now I can create the segmentation on the fly but I don’t find the ability to allow the user group “BBB-User” to view their segmentation without given them the full rights on the AAA.com Report Suite.


For that reason I need to restrict users to only view this segment without given them the full right on our main report suite.


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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.  It has been escalated and is in progress to be fixed.  Since it is a software defect and not a new feature request, we will be disabling voting and removing it from the Idea Exchange


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I asked ClientCare about this very thing as you are supposed to be able to edit and it's not available (re above: it's a bug).  Their response yesterday:  "The feature you are referring to has actually changed in the system such that in order to change segments, you must change then through the Data Warehouse interface."

I hope ClientCare is wrong - not being able to edit the segments in SC basically makes segments useless for users without DW access.


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I'm seeing situations in which many of my users without DW access are creating multiple segments (you don't need DW to create them), but then have no ability to delete them. Even as an admin, I don't have a way of deleting their segments, as they are creating "local" segments in SC15 rather than "global" segments via admin interface.


This is obviously not a sustainable practice... fast forward a year, and you're going to have users with hundreds of useless segments that they can't get rid of.


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You can now edit segments from the SiteCatalyst Segment builder by clicking on the pencil that displays when you hover over or select the segment.