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Segment Duplication Finder/Cleaner


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If you have more than one person creating segments chances are there is some duplication and/or label collisions  Either the same exact segment is labeled differently, or different segments are labeled the same. 


What would be great is that when someone is trying to save a segment, and a query is performed to see if that criteria already exists to allow a user to copy their own instance of it, or use the shared one.


Alternatively provide admin's the ability to find duplicates and remove them.

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Level 2


More details:


  1. Different users have created the same exact Segment criteria (Continuer + Rule Builder Logic (where+evaluation logic+value) but save the Segment with a different name.
  2. Different users have created a Segment with completely different Segment criteria but save the Segment with the same name as other segments that are available to the user via shared segments, predefined, whatever.


  1. Duplication of segments
  2. Segment organization issues/ clutter / mess
  3. Mis-use of segments as a result thus possibly drawing incorrect insights.
  4. Increase investigation times as little trust exists in shared segments, thus even more segments are created and shared at times.


  1. When a segment is saved it is evaluated against current segments available to all users, and prompt user that the segment already exists for use, and show that segment that will be used.
  2. Same evaluation when a user shares a discover segment folder
  3. Provide Admin function to maintain "blessed" public segments.  Especially for what is made available in SC15.