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Schedules workspace projects - improve "failed" option


Community Advisor


when a scheduled report failed to be delivered, it get's marked as failed as shown here:


i see the following problems and improvements:

  1. Reason for failure: currently i see no reason why the schedule failed or which recipients didn't get the scheduled project
  2. Date of failure: i can't see any date when the failure appeared
  3. Expiry of message: if the same schedule has a new run without a failure, the above messages stay as "failed", even when all recipients get the desired workspace project
  4. Message system: the owner of the scheduled project doesn't get a message that there was a failure. as the owner of the schedule it would be nice to see a message by email (or marketing cloud notification) that a schedule had a failure
  5. visibility (red sign): the red sign only appears when the filter "failed" is marked. the sign should be on the main schedule as well! if a failure appears it looks as the system generates an additional entry for the failed report which is only available/visible when filtered for "failed"

i love to see this feature, but in current mode it is just a waste of time looking at the data ...