Scheduled Delivery Options in Discover: add specific delivery time for Today Data



Sometimes we need to be able to schedule specific reports in Discover that look at todays data only.  It doesn't seem to be possible currently to automated the delivery of todays data to be delivered at say 5pm.


Now we push this data into a system which uses the data for various reasons.  As its not possible to automate the delivery of today data at a specific time this means someone (yours truly) has to connect to Discover 7 days a week at 5pm to manually send the required report(s).

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I would like to add other use case.
I want to get a scheduled report which includes yesterdays result before my business time (say 9am Japan time). But my scheduled reports are usually generated at 5pm. In other words, it's generated at 12am Utah time. Now I need to deliver the report manually, i.e. login Ad Ho Analysis, then send it out to me and my colleagues.