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Save project to company folder for non-admins





Description - There’s a need at DNB Bank to allow publishing/adding Project to the company folder without have full admin access. Today only full admins can add projects to the company folder.

Why is this feature important to you - Based on how the project structure has been made up using folder for different business areas there is a lot of over-head put on admins to just structure projects created by business practitioners.

How would you like the feature to work - Allow non-admins to save projects into company folder and its sub-folders.

Current Behaviour - Non admins cannot save projects into the company folder.






Community Advisor


I support this, only with the condition that this is a permission can be turned on and off... As in, only users who are granted the rights to save to the folder can do so, not everyone.


Level 10


I agree, this should work at the permission level.

In my environment, most reports are shared in the usual way through the share function with three permission level. Reports can be shared to individuals, but only Admins can share to groups or all. This works well enough for us but I can see others might have a need to delegate group sharing abilities.

The bulk of our reports do not need to be shared through the Company folder. (Some in the company see the Company Folder as a way around the sharing limitations of the regular share function.) In our case, the primary use for the Company Folder is the wide sharing of dashboards and templates created by the analyst group.



Level 1


In organizing our user Projects, our Company folder contains many projects that are shared but are also maintained by non-Admin associates.  It is critical that they be able to save their projects in the shared folders.

Tom Ponosuk 

Sr Adobe Analyst