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Rolling/fixed options for dashboard reporting when Comparing dates


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Whenever you create a report such as a product report where you compare two dates (like month over month) and then add the report to an existing dashboard, the comparison passes through, but the ability to set fixed and rolling dates on the comparative date range is not possible, so unless you keep the data rolling for both beginning and end dates, your numbers won't update correctly.

I think it is VERY important to be able to show results compared to previous time frames and many senior leadership decisions require it. Therefore being able to automate reports to be sent to them with this information through your console would be very useful . . . plus Google Analytics allows you to do it, so I'm getting shown up by my other division counterparts that are using a FREE analytics tool.  Smiley Sad



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Furthermore I would expect the "rolling" of the window to be able to move on the selected period. e.g. I select previous week Monday-Sunday ... the dashboard would show this week until the next monday apears at which time it switches over (and not display Tuesday-Monday when viewing the report on the next day)


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I am also seeking a feature like this.  The ability to have a rolling report with current results compared to a fixed point in time would be tremendously useful.  For instance, if you are implementing a new change, it would be helpful to have an "anchor" time period right before the change was introduced that you could compare to each day / week / month.