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Revert _____ly uniques report behavior to SC14


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I'm still not convinced this isn't a bug, but given that SiteCatalyst support has now twice confirmed this is intended functionality, I'd like to see either a roll-back or a toggle that'd allow the canned daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly unique visitors reports to replicate their behavior from SC14.


In SC 14, if you ran the monthly unique visitors report, reporting daily periods, you'd get the # of monthly unique visitors for that day, with the total displaying the number of monthly uniques (i.e., the sum of all previous rows).


In SC 15, if you run the same report, the # of DAILY unique visitors is reported on each line item, even while the "TOTAL" row still displays the monthly uniques total. In other words, the "period" for reporting is overriding the metric selected in the report, resulting in confusing data that does not sum to the reported total.


I admit I'm not sure what the use is of this SC15 "feature," it seems considerably more useful (and less counterintuitive) with the 14 implementation.


If it 's not useful to anyone, please roll this behavior back. If it IS useful, then at least provide a toggle so that I can use this report the same way I was using it prior to SC15.