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Reportlet overview this week, last week, last year progressive


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Dear Adobe,


For weekly and monthly reporting it’s possible by clicking the arrow in time selection box to receive last weeks and last year’s data. This comparison is very useful. For the current dashboard I'm building we want to show our international sales versus last week and last year. We can't because those lines and columns only appear when 1 country is selected in the ship-to or country report. This means that we have 2 reportlets now to display this information. This is a very lousy way of reporting, especially when the report is provided to many important stakeholders on a daily basis!


Also the data is not progressive. This means that if you compare this week with last week you compare an entire week vs 2 days of this week. There is no benefit for anyone within each business to see this type of comparison.


We can use report builder to build the required reporting, but the problem we face here is that this functionality doesn’t allow us to schedule the report.


Overall I’m really happy with the functionality site catalyst offers but it’s still a very ad -hoc experience the different tools deliver. It will be good to see more development to be completed in aligning the figures consistently with business requirements.