Reportbuilder: using wildcards in Excel cells, when selecting data "From range of cells"



Hello! In Ad Hoc Analysis (Reportbuilder), we create often reports, where content of  "Dimensions" is placed in Excel cells. When the content is unique (for example special LinkIDs), it is very comfortable with Ad Hoc Analysis. In case having a list with content, where unique content is not needed / desired and working with wildcards (LinkID "contains" for example the channel-information) would be sufficient to subsume data, it is currently not possible to point to a list in Excel.


Example "Dimension 'Linktracking'": we would like to track the clicks on a LinkID named ""; in this example, the same LinkID has several channel-characteristics ...





To subsume the clicks just on the LinkID and not on spreaded on differenct channel-characteristics, we would like to insert just this information in an Excel cell:





This improvement would be very helpful, when we use a huge list of expressions with wildcards.


Best regards

Daniel Schulz