Report video name from third party players



It would very useful if the video name is passed to the video report from a third party player (e.g.: Birghtcove) instead of the video id. The pre-built swf passes the vidoe id (e.g.: Brightcove3: 12345) which is pretty much unsable in a video report. Building SAINT classification for video id and video name is not a very scalable solution either. 


It seems like a common problem in Brightcove-Omniture integration. Here is a forum post

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Agreed. I've been testing this but it's useless until I can get the video name. We have thousands of videos in over 50 report suites and the SAINT classification idea would be unwieldy for us.



Why it would not have been designed to do this in the first place is a mystery for the ages. Who wants to see a list of video IDs in a video report? It makes the report unusable. We use naming conventions in BC that allow us to use filtering to islaote clips, full length episode segments, programs by show name, seasons ...all that dissapeared the moment the video ID became the defacto video name.