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Report Suite Selector customization


Level 3


Working with dozens different RS and having a necessity to switch between them very often it is inconvenient to have only 10 RS in the list by default. It would be more convenient if there was a possibility to set up the following:

  • set the number of items in the selector;
  • fix the list which should shown by default (let’s say I have main 15 RS I use every day and 5 of them are more important for me than others so they should be shown in top 5 always).


Level 10


I would add the following to this request.  Please provide a column for total traffic the report suite gets so you can sort by traffic.  I tend to use the report suites that get the most traffic and it is annoying to have to search among hundreds of report suites to find these...


Level 2


> fix the list which should shown by default


I second this suggestion! SiteCatalyst always seems to be re-ordering my report suites in this dropdown. I regularly use more than 10 suites, and as a result I have important suites that tend to get rotated out of the dropdown. I would love to be able to fix the default top 10 so they're always easy to access, and always in the same order. (The dashboard manager is a good model for how you could set this order.)


Additional comments on the RS dropdown selector-

1. When you need to access a RS not in the top 10, the type-ahead search feature works well.

2. In "view complete list" mode, the scrollbars are pretty buggy in Chrome 6. (The dropdown tends to disappear when you try to scroll.)

3. What if you could group report suites into categories? Then these categories could be made available as submenus on the RS dropdown selector.