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 I need my reports to be automatically delivered on the daily bases in PDF format.  When I convert .xlsx report manually into PDF there is never a problem; however, every time I schedule a report in Report Builder it comes either with page layout messed up or graphs messed up.  I tried different formats and even in Excel graphs are being delivered corrupted.  Would it be possible to make delivery options to follow our personal settings instead of converting the file to the default settings through delivery process?  Thanks.

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Unfortunately, the underlying architecture that supports rendering XLSX files as PDFs cannot contain personalized settings for how each document should be rendered. This is primarily due to the additional overhead and processing power that would be required to do this. While we will examine ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this process, we do not expect this feature to change anytime soon.


However, what you are describing sounds more like a bug as opposed to a feature request. I would recommend reaching out to ClientCare regarding this issue to see if there is some underlying issue we may be able to address here.



Actually I was able to adjust all graphs and pages and make them delivered in pdf with my personal setting.  The only issue I am still having is horizontal bar graph.  For some reason this graph gets corrupted while being transferred into PDF.  Report Builder reverses the below axis into negative numbers (in my case %) instead of positive and moves the vertical axis to the right instead of have it on the left (default setting). 

Also I think the problem with delivering my reports in Excel only, relates more to file sharing issue and NOT Excel settings.  Recently Adobe merged two our accounts dow jones and factiva.  All reports I had created under factiva account, now can be ran under dow jones account with all previously built segments.  The problem is you cannot see the segments when you run reports under dow jones account.  When I try scheduling these reports to be delivered to me automatically in PDF, they all are being sent to me in Excel with the error message error462240_01.xml.   Is there a chance to fix this problem?






Errors were detected in file 'C:\Documents and Settings\zhosann\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\9YZS6PZB\TRAFFIC_TRENDS_PMNews_BND_TEST.xlsx'


  Removed Records: Shared formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml part

  Removed Records: Formula from /xl/calcChain.xml part (Calculation properties)





Yes, that sounds more and more like a bug. I would recommend you open up a thread with ClientCare if you haven't already to get that resolved.