Remove case-sensitivity of report filters



In Legacy Excel Client, you're able to build a list of (for example) keywords with the "select specific" tab.  The keywords you select will be pulled into the resulting report without regard for case.


The new Report Builder has more advanced list capabilities, allowing you to pluck your items out of a search or link directly from the spreadsheet.  unfortunately, both methods are now CASE SENSITIVE!!!


The problem comes when you're trying to do trended keyword analysis.  Users change case all the time, and SiteCatalyst picks the case of the first instance seen of any keyword.  The saved case settings for the keyword are reset periodically, so while one week the item may be "Hp Printers," the next it'll be "HP PRINTERS."  The value saved in the cache is used for every instance of the keyword during the cache period.


If you're trending "hp printers" over a timeframe that crosses the cache refresh boundary, you'll notice that your reported searched will drop to ZERO suddenly!  If you re--run the report using the new cached case, then you'll see zeros up to the cache refresh boundary and then data.  Since we're dealing with user entered data, it's very difficult to keep up with the constant shifts in case: (hp printer, Hp printer, HP printer, HP Printer, Hp Printer, hp Printer, HP PRINTER, etc...)


In order to make Report Builder reporting more stable (and in our case usable) we would like to see the tool return to the case-neutrality of the Legacy Excel Client. 


Without this feature, advanced, trended analysis of keyword data (particularly Unified Source Keyword data) will continue to be difficult.