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Remember Metrics After Trending...


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Currently, if you are looking at a report with a bunch of metric columns and you choose to switch to the "Trended " view, it trends the 1st column metric.  Then, if you switch back to the ranked view, you need to re-add the other metrics.  I would like to see it where SiteCatalyst can "remember" the metrics you originally had and if you switch back to the "Ranked" view, it will use the same metrics you had.  It is annoying to have to re-add these and be penalized for looking at the trended view...

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Good call. I think one way to do this would be to have a parameter setting panel above the report. You set all the parameters you like, which get 'remembered' so to speak, then run the report - rather than adding a metric, waiting, changing the date range, waiting, and so on.