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Real-time displays in AA workspace


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Description - Real-time displays within Workspace, where you can create a line chart or area that works like a real-time display.  

Why is this feature important to you - Real-time displays is often requested by leadership in our team, but there is a 3-report limit in "reports"

How would you like the feature to work - I can create a "display" that is real-time, and also other normal displays within the same workspace report.  Also, should be available on mobile viewed reports.  

Current Behaviour - there is no real-time function in AA workspace at the moment.  Only in reports.  



Community Advisor


Yes, it's time that real time reports have a bit of a face-lift... and with the push towards Globalized Report Suites, we need more than 3 Real Time Reports to properly watch what is happening..


Since Real Time isn't available on Virtual Suites, this is very limiting.


Adobe Champion


Adding my vote to this. As a news org, we have to lean on other tools to supplement Adobe Analytics with real-time metrics, and sometimes it creates a problem for us because:

  1. Those real-time tools also collect historical data and often do not match Adobe Analytics data so we have to remind staff to go to AA for historical.
  2. Some of our newsrooms do not have the resources to use both so they tend to just look at real-time KPIs.

I would love to be able to integrate real-time metrics in workspace projects and mobile dashboards.