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"Lock" the sort order [Workspace]


Level 2


MetricSegment 1Segment 2
Unique Visitorsxxxxxx

I would like to set up the above table as a freeform table and "lock" the row order. Currently I'm only able to sort by the metric values in one of the segment columns.

This will help me when visualising the raw data in a web dashboard/PDF to business stakeholders who are not familiar with Adobe and used to see the numbers in a certain order.



Level 2


YES!  This should be available for all types.  If I have rows of segments I can't lock them, but I can lock evars.  I don't always want things resorting, especially on templates.  People don't look at the labels if they are used to things being in a certain order all the time.  i have to always remind people that things can resort if they change dates, etc. and the first row may not be what it was before.