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"Apply this change to all dashboard Portlet's" Button


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We want the ability to make a change in the “edit full report” section and have a “have this action apply to all dashboard reportlets” button.

That way when we change the eVar that we are looking at, just like the date range, it would apply that change to the entire dashboard instead of just the single reportlet.

We do a lot of dashboards with the "broken down" by option for an eVar.  Than we just concentrate on 1 of the results.  When ever I make a new dashboard for a customer, I have to edit each of the reportlets separately in order to concentrate on a different result for the eVar.

It's very time consuming.  A button to apply to all the reportlets in a dashboard would make a huge difference.

Thanks in advance.

Ari Oshinsky.



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Hi Ari, Are you using the same reportlet for multiple dashboards, or are you creating separate reporlets for each dashboard?  Just to make sure I understand your request, you need the ability to update the full report and have it reflect in the reportlet and then be reflected wherever that reportlet is used in each dashboard?  My assumption would that this is how is should work, so we may be looking at a bug here.  I will check with development and get you an update.


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JDNyland, Thanks for your replay.


I use one of my eVars that collect school names from our clients.  I than create lots of reportlets looking at different custom events for that one eVar.


When I want to change the school that I'm looking at I need to update all the reportlets ( i use about 12 per dashboard).


This is an example of one of our dashboards:




Thank you.


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Hi Ari,


Thanks for sending over the example of your dashboard.  It really helped to get some context.  We have been going over this request in detail and we believe we have a good understanding of the problem. 


We are currently working to make the dashboard reportlets more interactive and much easier to update without having to launch the full report.  The new interactive reportlets would give you the ability to click on the evar itself in the reporlet and change it right there without launching into the full report.  Would that be an acceptable solution?


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Thanks for your reply.  


Sorry, for the delay getting back to you.  For some reason I'm not being emailed when the thread is updated.


That sounds like it would work out great.  As long as I can make it a one click action to update all the reportlets in the same way.


Functionality should be similar to editing the date range.


Really, thank you for taking such an active role in this request.  I really appreciate your help.


- Ari Oshinsky.


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Hi JDNyland,


I work with Ari on these reports.  I've also done many dashboards in the past with other customers and this functionality would make building and maintaining SiteCatalyst dashboards increasingly effective!  If I'm understanding correctly, you would change it so we could filter the custom reportlets right there in the "edit dashboard" without having to view the full report.  Is this correct?  If so, I have one note to add - could we have an option to apply the filter across the entire dashboard, versus having to go reportlet by reportlet?  The first improvement you mentioned above would be a big time saver alone but to apply it across the dashboard, similar to the date range options, would make it even more efficient.




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This is a great idea, but right now we plan to give users the ability to change the report suite, segment and calendar and apply that to the entire dashboard.  We don't have plans at this time to update multiple reportlets on the same dashboard by changing the breakdown.  However, we will put it on the backlog and consider it for a future release, but I don't have a date of when that might be possible based on other priorities. 


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Thanks for your reply JDNyland.


If I can't update all the eVar breakdowns at the same time how about the ability to cut and past the eVar string into the breakdown feild instead of doing a search?  


Since I already know what the exact eVar string is going to be, I shouldn't have to search for it everytime.

If i could do this on every portlet in the dashboard quickly without opening the full report that would save allot of time.