Put Report Builder scheduled reports on hold while performing maintenance releases



While maintenance releases are being performed, Report Builder reports frewreport erroneous data.


It would be better if Report Builder scheduled reports were automatically put on hold during maintenance releases.  Data delays are much easier to deal with than erroneous data.

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Thanks for the idea. While the concept is sound, the danger here is in a ripple effect of delay. If we put ReportBuilder reports on hold during the maintenance window, we could potentially cause a back up that would last for days or maybe even weeks, depending on the load. Additionally, while we now have a fairly strong testing harness to account for any potential problems that might arise with the new release, there is always the possibility that real-world environmental issues (such as the ones experienced last night) will still occur after such reports are restarted. We are working to improve and streamline our testing and deployment process to avoid such issues in the future, but unfortunately delaying delivery of these reports would most likely hurt everyone more than help.