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Provide Time Parting out-of-the-box


Level 10


Currently time parting is available via the plug-in and requires 3 props and 3 eVars if sending Time of Day, Day of the Week, Weekend/Weekday into their own reports.

This should be a standard out-of-the-box report. I'm positive many clients would see a need for this report

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Level 9


Completely agreed. It's silly that Time Visited isn't available right out of the box like many competitors. Wasting 3 eVars/props (or 1 of each + SAINT) should be unnecessary.


It'd also be cool if we could choose to set the Time Parting in these out of the box reports as either:

1 - The time in the user's time zone that they visited the site.

2 - The time in the report suite's time zone that they visited the site.


I've seen use cases for both