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Provide more visual differentiation options for annotations


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Why is this feature important to you - Annotations can be very valuable.  We have many report suites in use - generally each one aligns to a particular application in use here.  I prefer to make annotations available across suites so that I can understand if events that are expected to impact one application also have an unexpected impact in other applications.  However, we are using the color variation options for annotations to denote different types of events (application deployment, significant system issues, marketing / communication campaigns, etc).  

I would like to have additional options for visually differentiating annotations - possibly something like different patterns used within the small "widget" shown for an annotation - similar to the "Pattern Fill" options that you can use in PowerPoint slides on objects.  I think just a small number of patterns would be sufficient (also, it would need to be small because it would be hard to differentiate the small widget if there were a lot of patterns that would inevitably look too similar).


How would you like the feature to work - When I add or edit an annotation, I would like an option near where I choose a color that would allow me to select a pattern or some other effect that would differentiate the annotations I see.


Current Behaviour - I can only choose a color.

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I agree...


Also on graphs, just having that little "note" icon is so easy to miss.. the first time I didn't even notice it, I would like there to be a dot (single date), or a highlighted segment of the line graph itself showing the range of impact (or even have that section filled in like an area graph).. basically something on the visualization that really shows the area of impact.