Preset dates such as last 7 days are counter-initutive and should be changed



When you select 'last 7 days' it include the day you are on.  However, this is counter initutive.  For example, if today is Monday, June 7, 2010, and you select:


Select 'last month' --> you get May data [not including this month]

Select 'last 7 days' --> you get data for Sun-Mon; most people expect and based on logic above, you expect Mon - Sun [i.e. not including today]


It would help to change this to avoid confusion.  Our company is new to Omniture and we have several hundred users.

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All "Last"-Topic from the calendar include the actual date. I agree with the comment above that this is illogical. I do not need an analysis of a partial day, but only one over 24-hour, otherwise the analysis useless.


So please modify following topic ending with the day of yesterday for:

- Last 7 days

- Last 14 days

- Last 30 days