pre/post analysis

lucyw93062406 08-11-2019

Use case:

We are running a “pre/post” analysis in workspace and want to make the dashboard a dynamic monitor for the duration of the test (this would also be applicable to new site launches or new feature launches that a user might want to monitor over time, this test will be running for a few months in our case). 

We can easily create a custom date range in workspace for the “Post” period (start fixed date to end of current day), but we can’t seem to make a rolling “pre” period. We would need the ability to do start of [user specified fixed day] minus # of days [rolling backwards relative to current date] through fixed end date.

So if we launched something on Oct 24th, we could compare dynamically 13 days pre & 13 days post, and if we loaded the workspace tomorrow it would roll to 14 days pre/post.

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nickh86417692 08-11-2019

This is doable inside of workspace right now. Go up to "components" >> "date ranges" and create a date range where the start day is fixed, and the end day is rolling. Then use this as the time segment for your "pre" group.

lucyw93062406 12-11-2019

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the tip, however I am looking to roll my dates backward. For example if my rolling date is 11/1 I would like for my dates to roll back from 11/1. so I can see a trended view of 11/1,10/31,10/29...etcs..

I hope that made sense.