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Possibility to Share short links that don't lead to erroneous pages on the next click


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Sharing of Reports in AA is a tedious process. The most secure way seems to be to add public bookmarks, but then I need to ask the person to share it with to go into the Bookmark Manager and copy it first.

If I send a Short URL with the "More -> Link to this Report" feature (e.g. https://sc3.omniture.com/x/enGH (fake URL)), when the user clicks on the link, there are many problems:

* in two-dimensional reports, the report filter often gets lost

* when the user accesses the linked report and then clicks on the next page, he often lands in the Top Level Domain Report, but not where he actually wanted to go to. This makes it hard to share a report to somebody when this somebody wants to further work with this report (e.g. try another breakdown or Report Filter) because whatever his next action is, he always lands in the Top Level Domain Report, gets to the Site Overview Dashboard or something else unexpected happens.

Ideally it should be just possible to copy the URL from the address bar and send it to someone. But that creates even more havoc.

So please make Sharing EASIER!

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Level 4


I agree there should be an easier way.  IF a report is being shared, it should be the exact report (segment / filters / metrics).  This would make QA reports easier.


But the sharing of the URL itself will not be possible as they use this for serialzing the session.  If this was updated to have the session done through cookies, then it would be possible.  


But with the shared link, making any changes issue, I have raised this as a bug in Client Care.