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Percentages in rows instead of columns in Workspace


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Workspace percentages are always calculated top down. It would be very helpful to have row level percentage of total.

Please refer http://help-forums.adobe.com/content/adobeforums/en/analytics-forum/analysis-workspace.top ic.html/forum__uf7y-hi_everyoneisi.html for details



Level 5


This would be useful. I'm trying to figure out how the user of the report would know which way to read the %s though (would probably need some kind of visual clue).




We believe we have a good way to solve this, using an option (so you can do row or column).  We will hopefully get to this soon, as we want to do it.


Level 2


I really, really, really need this.


We use stacked bar charts a lot and the %s used in them make absolutely no sense, because they're the %s of the entire table, not just the row.


Example: If I have my rows as a time granularity (day), revenue as my column metric, then apply 5 dimension values on top of revenue to have 5 columns, I get my basic stacked bar chart:




If I change the % chart setting to use %, I get this weird this:




These %s clearly do not represent the size of the revenue amount each day. My expectation is that a % is calculated for the row, for the day, and used in the charts.


I guess what we're asking for here is pivot table style options:


Screenshot 2017-05-26 10.51.05.png