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I would like to see a new "Pathing" reporty that allows you to select a page and then shows you all other pages on your site that people who saw that page saw.  These related pages would be sorted in descending order.  In my mind it is similar to the Full Paths report with one page selected, but instead of showing you all paths, it just boils it down to how often visitors saw other pages.

The business gola I am looking to solve is to figure out which content I may want to merge onto the selected page since it is of interest to peopl elooking at it.  Currently, the only way to do this is in Discover or through ASI, but I feel like this should be part of Pathing...

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Makes sense Adam - basically the reduced list of Unique Pages regardless of order/sequence.  It would make sense to have this both looking back for Previous Pages and Next Pages right?



I think it would...I am sure there are lots of other enhancement ideas as well...



Currenly you can set up an evar and sub-relations to get a list of all pages seen and how often after seeing a given tracking code. Incidents,Visits and/or Participation for each page seen after the value. For the trakcing code this is essentially what other pages they also saw.


Sounds like you want to do the same thing for a page value rather than an tracking code value. I wonder if a modified set up would get you there? 




Combinations of segmentation and pathing allow users to see this data now.