Open API to not require TOKENS



The rumor of a REST api for site catalyst  was good news. I suggest opening up the API so we do not have to operate under a TOKEN based  solution.  The current API calls are expensive in that you have to burn multiple tokens to get at the data.  Ideally we would like to see the API  as open as Site Catalyst and more in-line with your competitors. 

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We're unlikely to remove usage metering altogether, but we're considering a handful of approaches to increasing accessibility of the API beyond the free tokens that are currently provided to each login company.



I'm glad to see there are consideration being looked at. I think my only comment is your competitors certainly have a more open approach. I understand the concern around cost of people heavily hitting the apis.


I personally feel that use of the API shouldnt be limited just like use of the Site Catalyst inteface isnt  limited. I think setting a reasonable value of how open you can hit the API to limit load is reaosnable and protects your infrastructure. Opening that up more and more as your platform grows.



I'd certainly use the API services more if the token restrictions were relaxed.


It shouldn't be totally unrestricted though because you'd risk people writing inefficient code which slows the service down for the rest of us.



Open API would be excellent. If not possible I would like to get more control over token usage. Assign a number of tokens to an API user instead of an enterprise number for all users. We have limit tokens and they are expensive. Therefore we need to defined a maximum for each user. But this nowhere maintained in the user interface.



If you decide to stick to the token model would it be possible to define it in such a way that for every user using the api we can request a number of tokens that will be consumed. This will allow you to estimate the load on the api and still offer enough flexibility to do as much requests per user as required.


In our case one business division calculated a reasonal amount of request that would be made in a month while the other consumer almost all tokens in a test causing the api to be no longer available in a certain month.


These kind of issues would be solved if each of the api users in a company would have to request their own tokens to be used.



We made this change with the 23 May 2013 release. API tokens are still tracked for the time being (for backward compatibility purposes), but exceeding your limit will not cause your access to the APIs to be cut off. For all intents and purposes, you do not need to worry about tokens.