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One "Mobile" metric/report, with % of total site traffic


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I know there are a few ideas posted around mobile, and a couple reference this need, but I wanted to add one that focuses on this key element:


Detail is good -- by OS/Device/Manufacturer -- but we also need to look at mobile as a single group to easily track it's growth.


Given the current SiteCatalyst report structure, it looks like this would require another Mobile report, structured much like the "Site Metrics" reports.


In any event, I would like to have easy access in SC, ReportBuilder and Discover, to a single Mobile number for all mobile UVs, one for all mobile Visits and another for Mobile PVs.

It would be nice to additionally show this as a percentage of total site traffic, with a built-in calculation.


The current workaround is to pull the entire OS report, since it has the fewest values, and add the metrics. It works, but it's tedious and means I must use Excel to get to the final data.

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Couldn't agree more!  As my business is trying to decide whether a mobile version of website needed, not being able to quickly show mobile traffic as a percentage of all traffic takes too much manipulation outside of SC.