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One-click health analysis feature for Workspace project


Level 8


I really love Adobe’s health dashboard (excel template) where you give your API credentials and with one click you get all the data regarding report suite with different formats (trends, top values for all enabled variables etc). Would love to see this kind of one-click "automatic health analysis” feature inside Analysis Workspace. Would be really good for monitoring different environments without manually building these kind of reports and of course for cleaning purposes would be great see what report suite X is eaten.

You could do all kinds of templates, but that isn't same thing and would need lots of efforts compared to one click. Even greater would be to have option to choose the type of analysis you wanna do. For example, choose the options for the health analysis:

Choose data:

- All data
- Analyze default metrics
- Analyze all props
- Analyze all eVars

- Analyze all events

Choose outcome:

- Trend lines for ___ days / weeks.
- Top ___ values for all the variables



You get the idea. For newbie users this kind of "automatic analysis" could be the future. I even remember a summit sneak where Ben Gaines (Adobe) was doing a demo by using his voice to get data/analysis. Ok, now this scope starts to wider to much. Maybe the normal health analysis would be good start to have in Workspace.