Notify customers when the Omniture IP Ranges change



Can you please build something that notifies admin users when the Omniture IP ranges change?

Or perhaps something that our servers can ping everyday to see if any of your IP addresses have changed?


I work for a Telco and when a user signs up for a mobile plan they get access to our mobile sites without incurring data charges.

In order to make sure they don't get charged we need to white list the sites as well as the Omniture IP blocks that we send data to.


The IP ranges document has proven not to be very reliable and perhaps not updated as often as it should

Again, even if the document was updated often this would mean that I have to check it on a weekly basis so that our internal systems can be updated and we don't receive customer complaints from users incurring data charges when they shouldn't


Thank you.

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Wow, I was not aware that the data collection server ips would change. This is definitely an issue for us too.



do a nslookup of your collection domain on a daily basis via a small script and send an email to yourself if it has been changed?