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New versus Returning Visitors Report


Level 2


I recommend that Omniture enhance SiteCatalyst to include a New versus Returning Visitors Report. 



Level 5


Hm, based on what Unique Visitor metric?

If we want conversion events in that report, it would be the "Visitors" metric :-/


Cookie lifetime?


Level 3


A new unique visitor (cookie) is only new one time.  The sense of "newness" should not be configurable.


If it's a new/repeat visitor report, the report should look at the cookie lifetime. 


Other milestones, like someone coming back in the last 60 days, are related to loyalty and engagement, not newness.


Level 4


I absolutely agree.  See my ticket 120410-000127.  We want to be able to look at monthly unique visitors & say how many were cookies seen for the first time this month vs. a repeat from past months.  And then do the same on daily, weekly, etc.  Any time frame.  This should be a standard site catalyst report.  We want to understand what % of VISITORS are brand NEW for each time frame.