Need visit count within a given timeframe



The current visit count metric is a lifetime count, regardless of the reporting period. This may be useful to some but can be misleading when you are looking for people who have visited a lot LATELY.

I know there is a plug-in to help you get visits for specific pre-determined timeframes, but it should be core functionality in both SiteCatalyst and Discover to answer the question:

How many visitors visited my site X times in ANY given timeframe?

(last week, month, a specific 12 day-period when I was running a sale, etc.)

I'm talking about a report that looks like this, for any reporting period:

Number of visits
IN THIS timeframe                            Visitors

1 visit.....                                             2,017

2 visits....                                            1,340

3 visits.....

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I've just a had the same problem. Without this, you can't ascertain what times of day are hottest for first visit of the day vs 2nd etc. We're a news site so this would be massively beneficial for figuring out when to put content up.


Even better would be to have a variable which you can set as 'visit number for day'. This way, you can open up a big time frame and you can get a more accurate idea of what time of day people visit for the first time (rather than doing a separate query for each day and scaling that up).




Archiving due to age and relevance. If this is still something that is desired while using the latest version of Analytics/Analysis Workspace, I'd highly recommend creating a new idea and linking this idea there. Thanks!