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Multilingual dimensions and metrics


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Description - Would like the option to have multilingual custom dimensions and metrics. Currently only out-of-the-box variables created by Adobe are translated when users change the interface language. We would like custom variables to also be translated when users change the language of their interface. Currently, the only way to have bilingual dimensions and metrics is to create very long variable names with one language first and then the other, e.g. Page Title | Titre de page. This makes it very hard to scan through dimensions/metrics in the components menu in Workspace as long names typically get cut off in the default view of the menu. 

Why is this feature important to you - Many countries have several official languages. For example, Canada's official languages are French and English. We need our dimensions and metrics in Adobe Analytics to be in both French and English in order to meet official language requirements. Many other countries are in the same boat. Having multilingual dimensions and metrics will make Adobe Analytics more inclusive and accessible to all.

How would you like the feature to work - When a user changes the interface language (by clicking on the language selector at the bottom of any Workspace page), all custom dimensions and metrics in the components menu and in any visualization appear in the language the user has selected. 

Current behaviour - When a user changes the interface language, currently only the default variables by Adobe are translated. 

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