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More SiteCatalyst Variables!


Level 10


I would love to have more SiteCatalyst variables.  Mainly more eVars and Success Events please!



Level 7


This is critically important. There are a lot of integrations and solutions that require evars and events, it would be extremely beneficial if additional custom variables were available.


Level 1


I have been asking for more events and evars for the past two years.  With over 50 web sites and 1 global suite the limitation is painful to say the least.  I would prefer to use Omniture for all of our reporting needs but it simply isn't feasible until this limitation is overcome. 


Level 1


This is definitely not a new idea, but no one has created a post for it yet.  As this request receive so much support at the Omniture summit, I figure reposting it here can only help escalate.

At Scholastic, we are down to 1 evar and the business units are fighting for it.  It's difficult to maintain an enterprise level list of KPIs and dimensions when it's just not available.


Level 2


Agree - with many sites in a network and the need to view sites at both individual report suite and global report suite level, the limit on evars and events is just not working especially when you need to take up evars for things like campaign stacking or unified sources  or other integrations