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Mobile Reportlets in Dashboards: Non-mobile listed as unspecified is confusing


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I love that I can get Non-Mobile data pulled directly into my Mobile reports. It's great for comparisons!


Unfortunatley, when I add Mobile Reportlets to my dashboards in version 15 the words Non-Mobile in the table are replaced with "unspecified". This is confusing to users and I've added notes to all my Mobile Reportlets to point out what this means.

Report: OS - report.png

Reportlet:   OS - reportlet



Please fix this inconsistency. Thanks!

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Small remark to Omniture: _If_ you change the name of "Unspecified", please make sure, that the filter engine is aware of it as well. To use the term "-Unspecified" to hide a line "Non-Mobile" is a bit ... non-intuitive:-)


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