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Metrics-based Filters in Site Catalyst


Level 4


This is a basic feature available in Google Analytics but missing from SC that would make doing analysis inside SC much more viable. Currently, there is no way in SC to apply a metrics-based filter when looking at prop/evar reports. This makes the "sort by" feature much less useful when using certain metrics.


For example, if I'm looking at a pages report, displaying visits and bounce rate, and want to sort by bounce rate to see pages with the highest bounce rate, I'll end up with a huge number of items with 1 visit and 100% bounce rate. The only way to deal with this is to advanced export to Excel and continue to work in that environment. What would be much better is the ability to filter results that have less than "X" visits (or whichever metric I was using) - which would provide me with the list I was looking for, without having to leave the Adobe environment.