Merge Discover and SiteCatalyst into a single Web Application



In this day and age it's perfectly possible to replicate Discover interface in to a web application. It would be great to see Discover functionality sit along side normal SiteCatalyst functionality in a single web interface. Adobe could still offer the products seperately but maybe a standard SiteCatalyst interface and a SiteCatalyst + Discover Interface with the following benefits :-

Some advantages features that this would enable :-

  • Ability to include discover reports and data point in standard SiteCatalyst dashboards. I think one of the biggest pain points today is the differeniation of tools and locations that provide data to the business. The lack of dashboarding support in Discover is a real issue.
  • Ability to trend and compare more than one segment on a graph. This feature works really well in Google Analytics and is one of the most powerful analysis features of Discover but it's a real shame we can't do this in SiteCatalyst and dashboard the results
  • Segment's would be by default in sync with SiteCatalyst and Discover .. this is a real pain point.
  • Table builder functionality in SiteCatalyst

There are probably loads more examples.