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Make User Agent Available in Data Warehouse


Level 2


Please make the user agent string avaialble (like IP address is currently) in Data Warehouse so it can be used to identify bots that are not included with the new Bot filtering rules under SC15.3.



Level 1


You can acutally add a dynamic variable to your JS file to capture the user agent into a prop or eVar to make it available in the DW. The code would looke like s.propX="D=User-Agent"; or s.eVarX='D=User-Agent';.


Level 2


Yeah, that's what I'm probably going to end up doing, but it would be nice to just have the data available in SC or DW as it exists in the raw data.  Also, the browser needs to execute JS to capture the data in an eVar.


Level 5


This would be useful for bot rule filtering as one of the options is to filter on UA

Use case.

googlebot.com identified as one of the domains in R&A

create segment domain=googlebot.com and export IPs using DW

Check/verify IPs

Rather than just filter on long list of IPs, it would be better if filter could be applied on UA but data isn't available in DW therefore info has to be requested with IT/Client Care for UA strings for specified IPs/Segments