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Make "Change" column in comparison reports customizable


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It's great to compare date ranges and see the changes between the values.  However, it would be better if we could customize the "Change" column to make it easier to detect the significance of the change. Just having a positive change be green compared to a negative change in red would be a great start.

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quick tipp: change col settings (gear icon in header) => turn off numbers/percent and add custom color conditions.

or you can influence the output of the metric to better match a special „formatting“:

1) create the desired „change“ metric

2) edit the metric and move the formula within a „if ... then ... else“ formula, eg. „if X greater than 0 then 1 else 0“.

3) edit col settings (gear icon), switch off numbers and percent and add custom coloring (top 1, low 0)

with both ways you get a col just in red and green

you can even modify the formula in step 2) with another „if then else“ to add a more granular setting and output 0/1/2 for different cases in case you want to add „yellow“ for „almost not changed“