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Make iPad App SiteCatalyst Visualize available world wide


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As ClientCare mentioned, the SiteCatalyst Visualize App is only available in the US since over half  year now ... Why this app is not available to Europe and other countries? 


Adobe, let your customers outside the US not wait longer for that app.








Discussion Thread  Response (Xiao Guo) 01/08/2012 07:54 PM


Hello Michael,

Sitecatalyst Visualize app is only available in the United States for the time being. And it is working as deigned. I don't know when the app will be available to other countries because it is a feature request at this point. You are welcome to post the feature request on ideas exchange.

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The app is available for download in Europe now, at least here in the Nordics, but it's not working... Launch the app, wait for the loading to finish, and nothing happens, the screen just goes blank. Seems a while since the app was released, so when will it be working?