Label custom traffic reports (sProps) with Instances



Custom traffic reports show the number of how often a value is passed to a given variable. Not distinction between a page view (s.t) or custom link/download/exit/video (

So the title should be Instances. Labeling it as Page Views is wrong and confusing as soon as you pass the variable on calls.

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You should have 3 variables.


Page Views or s.t() calls.

On-click Instances or calls.

Then "Occurences" which seems to be the other way you describe "Instances".


I created a global segment subtracting Instances & Page views to get the On-click Instances.  It really should be a default metric & not a plug we have to do.  "Instances" now on the props I think are pretty useless.


I'm also dying for you to be able to do correlations on Metrics, but that is another idea topic.