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First of all thanks to the Omniture team for the nice ideas section to exchange ideas, it looks great!


Here is my idea / suggestion


It would be nice if you could set the "KPI/Gauge Reportlet" to display data up to the previous hour of a given "metric".

This is an issue in my case because I am monitoring conversion "rates" and they fluctuate a lot until all the data is collected by Omniture.



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Yeah! I would love a reporting mode that only shows data for *completed units of time*. For example, let's say it's June 29 at 3:49 pm and I am about to run some reports.


* If I run an hourly report for today, I'd only see data through the 2:00pm hour.

* If I run a daily report for this month, I'd only see data through June 28.

* and so on