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Integrate Webmaster Tools Data into Analytics


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Webmaster Tools provides great visibility into search performance - full keyword list of terms, with impressions, clickthroughs, average position, etc. This information has become even more valuable as most organic search terms are now blocked.


The Webmaster Tools interface, however, isn't fantastic, and the ability to get the data organized and exported properly is frustrating. Google Analytics has helped here - you can link GA and Webmaster Tools, to allow users to take advantage of GA's better reporting functionality.


It seems to me Adobe should do the same here - by using the Webmaster Tools API (https://developers.google.com/webmaster-tools/) full keyword data could be brought into the Analytics interface. Granted it isn't integrated with site usage data, but that's still a whole lot better than what is in place now. My guess is almost 100% of clients would want this functionality. Right now, we are running both Adobe and GA in parallel in order to get this reporting functionality, and frankly a lot of our internal users are logging in to GA more and more regularly.


In terms of optics, it seems to me Adobe should really care about this. I've been having a lot of conversations with people who are under the impression that "search keywords are blocked in Adobe, but not in Google Analytics". While I know that's not technically true, it certainly appears that way when using the two tools side by side.



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Indirectly, Adobe does offer a way to do this already.  You can make use of Adobe's Data Insertion API (create a data source, etc.) and write your own script to pull data from Google with the Webmaster Tool API and import it into Adobe with Adobe's API.  


But I agree that given the popularity of it, it would be great if Adobe offered this as a Data Connector (Genesis Integration) "natively". 




@DanCross this is a great idea. I just sent it over to our Data Connector Team. We will continue to monitor up votes and comments on this thread.