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Include currency conversion in calculated metrics


Employee Advisor


There is currently no form of currency conversion in Analysis Workspace. There is a rudimentary version in Reports & Analytics, but is woefully inaccurate and report numbers change depending on the day that you look at a report.

Why this feature is important - Organizations that operate internationally need to view revenue in various currencies throughout the world. Current implementations for multiple currencies involve highly customized and complex implementations to accommodate them, when Workspace could fairly easily enable it for everyone out of the box.

How I anticipate this feature could work - When dragging a metric into the calculated metric canvas, add an option inside the gear icon. In addition to 'Metric type' and 'Attribution', add a 'Currency conversion' section that allows you to select:

  • The currency that the metric is currently in
  • The currency that you want to convert the metric to

Adobe already partners with XE (see currencyCode) for converting currency from the currencyCode variable to a report suite's currency; it seems pretty reasonable to use XE's API to retrieve daily currency conversion for a reporting date range.

Having this feature in Workspace would allow you to perform advanced analysis on many different currency types, and allow an organization to view any metric in any currency. It is also valuable in both traditional Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics, as both products can benefit from having flexible currencies at report time.