In the SiteCatalyst report suite pulldown in SC15, display the report suites I commonly use



As it is now, when I look at the report suite pulldown menu in SC15, most of the report suites showing in the default display are ones I never use. I would like to suggest that the system "remember" which report suites I commonly use and display those report suites in the default view. We have about 100 report suites, but I tend to use about 8 of them. It would be very nice if the report suites I commonly use were always showing in the default view under the Report Suite pulldown.


I've attached an image showing the report suite pulldown. It is showing 10 report suites, and I've never used 7 of them. Why are those showing up? I'd rather have the ones I commonly use show up in the default view. Would save me time. The report suite I most often use isn't even displayed. What's up with that? Smiley Happy