In SiteCatalyst, De-Duplicate Orders in Products Classification



SiteCatalyst does not de-duplicate Orders in Product Classifications.  For example:


A user buys 2 products in a single order (A Cheeseburger - $2 and a Hot Dog - $1).


The Products report would show:


Product                Units     Orders  Revenue


Cheeseburger   1              1              $2

Hot Dog                1              1              $1

Total                      2              1              $3


Which is correct! 


However, if Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs are classified as Food, then the classification report would look like:

Product Group  Units     Orders  Revenue

Food                      2              2              $3

Total                      2              1              $3


So the issue here is although Orders are De-duplicated in the totals line, the in-line Orders data is not.  This could certainly be an issue, as honestly, there was only one Order for Food made above.


Word from ClientCare is that Discover de-duplicates in-line, but not SiteCatalyst. Would love to see this issue rectified in SiteCatalyst!

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I completely agree. We're looking heavily into this. We're also looking at de-duplicating metrics with merchandising eVars.


Bret Gundersen

SiteCatalyst Platform Product Manager



Bret -


I really hope that the current method of counting orders within SiteCatalyst does not change. I rely on this methodology to report on Lines Per Order (average number of Unique Skus per Order.) I have unsuccessfully tried numerous methods to get this metric out of excel client, and tried the obvious solution of pulling Products>>Products>>Products and choosing ALL Products, but exclient returns the total number of orders and not the total number of products ordered. BUT, using my product classified data, I can  get to the total number of products ordered. This then lets me calculate Lines Per Order (Total Products Ordered / Total Orders=LPO).


If the de-duping occurs for SAINT classifications, can someone tell me how to get at the Lines Per Order out of excel client?




This is available in SiteCatalyst 15.