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Identify Segments in ReportBuilder Reports


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Add the ability to show segment details within ReportBuilder reports (just like the ability to include the date, metric name, etc.)


We recently switched to v15 and love the ability to add segments to ReportBuilder reports.  But there isn't any option for showing the segment that was used within the ReportBuilder document.  Within ReportBuilder documents, items like the report name, metric name, date range, etc. are all givens -- or at least they are pieces of information that we can include or hide within the report.


Currently there is no way to include the segment within the report, which can easily cause a report to be confusing (at best) or misleading (at worst).  The reports look like segments haven't been applied.


Client Care advised that we can open the ReportBuilder request to review the segment, but that isn't a solution because:

- one RB user can't view a segment that was created by someone else (if someone else created the segment and didn't share it with me, I can't view it)

- most of our RB reports are distributed to SiteCatalyst users who don't have access to ReportBuilder

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In the second step of the ReportBuilder Request Wizard, there are formatting options available that allow you to display the name of the segment applied to the request data set. Unfortunately, due to constraints of Excel, we cannot display the contents of the segment in the Request details.