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Hourly manifest and checksum file by default for all Adobe Data Feeds


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Why is this feature important to you -  As a Financial Service company most if not all of our divisional websites fall in the category of frequently visited and by that token we expect to see data for every hour.  It is unlikely to have a whole hour without any data.

How would you like the feature to work – In light of the above, we would like to receive a zero-sum notification for the hours that do not have any data.  Receiving the zero-sum notification would provide us the assurance that we are not missing data.

Current Behavior - In the current Adobe Data Feed set up, here is what is delivered by the Data Feed

  • Compressed file(s) in zip or gzip format + manifest file – Adobe delivers the zip or gzip file and once the transfer is complete, we get the manifest file.  In the manifest file we also have the checksum which will indicate if there was any corruption during transfer. 

There are occurrences when nothing is delivered, and we are not sure if this is owed to corruption during feed transfer or there was truly not data for said hour.

Because this is very important to us, we are requesting that our Consulting keeps us updated on the progress on this feature request and provide us the internal JIRA Ticket#.


We are available to discuss if you need any further clarification.


Thanks, and regards,


Mary Daniel . Vanguard . mary_daniel@vanguard.com . Phone: +1 (610) 669 8878